Brent Local Safeguarding Children Board

Brent Local Safeguarding Children Board Working together to safeguard children


Information for People Working with Children

People that work with children and young people have a duty to keep them safe from harm, protect their welfare and support them to achieve their potential.

Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility, so it is important that people that work with children and young people have the knowledge and experience to fulfil their duties.

Safeguarding children can be a huge responsibility when it comes to dealing with difficult issues such as exploitation, abuse and neglect.

This section of the website is especially relevant if you are a person that works with children and families in any capacity, whether as paid workers or as volunteers. It is designed to provide advice and guidance to frontline staff about safeguarding children and young people.

How to refer a child

Information on how to refer a child that you have concerns may have been harmed or is at risk of harm.

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Safeguarding help for schools & organisations

Information on what help is available for your school or organisation to assist you in meeting your responsibilities to safeguard children and young people.

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Safer Recruitment

Information on how to comply with the duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children through safe recruitment practices.

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Concerned about a member of staff or volunteer?

Information on how to manage any allegation of abuse made against a person who works with children & young people.

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Brent Child Protection Case Conferences

Information about how Child Protection Case Conferences are managed in Brent including Signs of Safety.

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Information Sharing

Information about appropriate and required information sharing between organisations in Brent.

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Child Death Reviews

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Signs of Safety in Brent

Signs of Safety is a philosophy which encourages much more direct work with families in an honest, straightforward and respect way.

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